A downloadable game for Windows

Chocolate Pants The Unicorn is a Roguelike video game where Chocolate Pants is a supreme being who lives in the 11th dimension (as proposed by Quantum Physics). One day Chocolate Pants snarts (which is to sneeze and fart at the same time - but getting more out of both ends than you bargained for) upon doing so they rip a hole in the 11th dimension with their horn and fall through space-time fabric and into Pandora's box.

Pandora's box attempts to harness Chocolate Pants power - but is unable to fully do so. The result is the creation of a 10 dimensional dungeon that Chocolate Pants has been trapped inside of and your hero must rescue them from!


  • Hack and Slash dungeon crawl
  • Roguelike - (procedural generation, perma-death)
  • 10 unique dimensional themed dungeons
  • A focus on tactical combat and new enemies on each level
  • Unlockable characters as you progress (after death)


Chocolate Pants The Unicorn is in very early access phase. If you do not wish to deal with incomplete gameplay, incomplete content, bugs or other frustrations please wait until beta access is announced.

If you are prepared to deal with all of the above and would like to game play test and provide feedback I'd love to have you as part of my community!

IMPORTANT: This game will be a commercial paid for game. At some point in the future I hope to provide both a demo (free) download with limited content and a paid for version that is the full version of the game. If needed this project page will be reconfigured, removed or edited to support that.

Current Status:

Chocolate Pants will eventually be 10 procedurally generated levels - however first level is the only one available at this time. More levels will be added over time.

This allows me to focus on adding gameplay features and balancing the first level of gameplay before adding additional content.

Community Feedback is welcome and encouraged - this is why I am releasing game content early in alpha status to engage roguelike players to improve and refine game play as I go - with your help!

Systems / Technical Info:

  • Current Platform(s) : Microsoft Win 7 or Windows 10+ (DirectX 11 capable) (possibly Mac OS and Linux at a later date)
  • Requirements: Have not yet been determined but expect a mid-range gaming system with 4GB of ram, a dedicated video card for the best experience and approximately 1G of disk space required to install.


Download and extract game to a folder of your choosing. Windows 10 users will receive a smart screen prompt asking you to trust the application (click more and accept). Antivirus may also scan the app. Let your AV complete its scan before starting the game.

Gameplay Instructions

  • launch game, and choose Quickstart
  • open inventory with either "i" or by clicking on player portrait
  • equip gear (weapon, armor) by right clicking or drag & drop
  • go to spells tab at top of inventory and equip healing spell looks like a 'hand' on your slot that you didn't put your weapon OR your main action bar
  • either 'walk into' an enemy (classic rogue like combat) or click on the weapon icon on your portrait to swing it
  • Cast spells by clicking on them on your hot bar - in the case of heal you will get a 'cast icon' and have to cast it on yourself by clicking on your portrait




INVENTORY: I or click player portrait

ATTACK: Move into enemy or click on an equipped weapon icon

Camera Angle Toggle: F2 to cycle

Explore the first level dungeon and defeat any foes you run across. The demo ends once you take the stairs to level 2.

You may quit and restart and a new random dungeon will be generated.

Install instructions

Download game and extract to a folder of your choice. Run the ChocolatePantsDemo.exe file and if needed allow Microsoft Windows Defender and any AntiVirus screens to pass and confirm dialogues.


Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - DEMO - Alpha (279 MB)