A downloadable game for Windows

Chocolate Pants The Unicorn is a Roguelike video game where your character is attempting to free Chocolate Pants The Unicorn from a multi-dimensional dungeon they are trapped in after falling into Pandora's Box.


  • Hack and Slash dungeon crawl
  • Roguelike - (procedural generation, perma-death)
  • A focus on tactical combat and new enemies on each level


Current Status:

Development Cancelled!

I stopped developing this game in 2018 when my father passed away. I tried to reboot the project in early 2019 but unfortunately several important project dependencies were no longer supported and attempting to upgrade to Unity 2018/2019 badly broke the project.  Therefore I have fully cancelled the project and as such this stands as demo of a cancelled project.

Systems / Technical Info:

  • Current Platform(s) : Microsoft Win 7 or Windows 10+ (DirectX 11 capable) 
  • Requirements: Have not yet been determined but expect a mid-range gaming system with 4GB of ram, a dedicated video card for the best experience and approximately 1G of disk space required to install.


Download and extract game to a folder of your choosing. Windows 10 users will receive a smart screen prompt asking you to trust the application (click more and accept). Antivirus may also scan the app. Let your AV complete its scan before starting the game.

Gameplay Instructions

  • launch game, and choose Quickstart
  • open inventory with either "i" or by clicking on player portrait
  • equip gear (weapon, armor) by right clicking or drag & drop
  • go to spells tab at top of inventory and equip healing spell looks like a 'hand' on your slot that you didn't put your weapon OR your main action bar
  • either 'walk into' an enemy (classic rogue like combat) or click on the weapon icon on your portrait to swing it
  • Cast spells by clicking on them on your hot bar - in the case of heal you will get a 'cast icon' and have to cast it on yourself by clicking on your portrait




INVENTORY: I or click player portrait

ATTACK: Move into enemy or click on an equipped weapon icon

Camera Angle Toggle: F2 to cycle

Explore the first level dungeon and defeat any foes you run across. The demo ends once you take the stairs to level 2.

You may quit and restart and a new random dungeon will be generated.

Install instructions

Download game and extract to a folder of your choice. Run the ChocolatePantsDemo.exe file and if needed allow Microsoft Windows Defender and any AntiVirus screens to pass and confirm dialogues.


Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - Full - Alpha 450 MB
Version .03 Aug 26, 2017
Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - DEMO - Alpha 450 MB
Version .03 Aug 26, 2017

Development log