Snake Temple Level 3 Now available in Alpha .03


Alpha .03 feature the Snake Temple is now available for download for backers!

* SNAKE TEMPLE RELEASE (level 3) for Backer Level (at this time)
* New sound groups to reduce memory usage 
* Servant of Dagon enemy added
* Bloodletter of Dagon enemy added
* Ul-Goroth level boss added
* new poison dart traps added
* new spinner traps added

* poison dart fire sound
* poison dart impact sound

* spinner trap whirly sound
* spinner trap trigger sound
* spinner trap retract sound

* bloodletter attacks sound
* bloodletter damaged sound
* bloodletter dies sound
* bloodletter special attacks sound

* Ulgoroth verbalization sound
* Ulgoroth attacks sound
* Ulgoroth damaged sound
* Ulgoroth dies sound
* Ulgoroth Storm particles
* Ulgoroth lightning bolt particles

* BUGFIX: Game would occaisonally freeze due to blood splat decals; removed these for now
* BUGFIX: ulgoroth storm lightning bolt sprites broken
* BUGFIX: Level up points now show  properly from portrait as well as level up + icon
* BUGFIX: bloodletter attack loops
* BUGFIX: loot glow broken
* BUGFIX: donut vomit not staying connected to mouth 
* BUGFIX: fix broken firebolt particle explosion effect


Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - Full - Alpha 450 MB
Version .03 Aug 26, 2017
Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - DEMO - Alpha 450 MB
Version .03 Aug 26, 2017

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