CandyLand now available Alpha .02 Full version

Level 02 : CandyLand is now available to paid backers.

Where applicable the Demo and Full version have received the following updates (Candyland content is level 2 > backer content only in other words)

Week of 5/27 to 6/2
* Level 2: Candyland level now available to backers on
* Lollipop Boss now has its own enemy behavior
* Lollipop Boss now shoots lasers out its his eye
* Lollipop Boss now has hypnotize ability
* Lollipop boss now has its own sounds
* Gummy Bears now come in 4 flavors (red,blue,green,yellow)
* Gummy bears now bleed the same color as their flavor (note: blood generally has problems right now and doesn't project properly most of the time - on todo list)
* New debuff icon for hypnotize effect
* GummyBear giggles less often when you hit them
* Bugfix: sometimes using stairs up from level 2 to 1 would hang on load
* monstters spam in console greatly reduced
* monsters play their 'idle' sound randomly instead of only during idle animation - which essentially never happened if you were moving frequently like most active players do
* Bugfix:  CandyLand stairs down floor tile was scaled too small and let items fall through floor is now fixed
* new game over screen for backers and updated game over for demo mode
* changed to support only 2 camera positions  overhead and 3d-isometric ; many items could not be viewed/clicked, or effects rendered properly from first person or 3rd person so eliminating those views at this time.


Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - Full - Alpha 450 MB
Version .03 Aug 26, 2017
Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - Full - Alpha 450 MB
Version .02 Jun 02, 2017
Chocolate Pants The Unicorn - DEMO - Alpha 450 MB
Version .02 Jun 02, 2017

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